1: A wide search over an area in order to obtain seasonal flowers, branches and blooms from the wild for the purposes of floral undertakings

I have always been passionate about flowers. 

Two years experience working with some of Melbourne's most sought after florists and event designers revealed that there was a truly significant lack of quality and diversity of blooms and botanics available to the industry. 

At Oak and Monkey Puzzle I have undertaken the establishment of the cut flower garden of my dreams, growing all the types of flowers that I could never find but yearned to - with an emphasis on small scale organic production, seasonality, rare blooms and quality foraged botanics.

My flower garden of non-commercially available flower varieties supplies fresh blooms and botanics targeted towards a small number of high-end boutique florists. 

These blooms and botanics additionally form the basis of a series of workshops on designing a cut flower garden, growing, foraging and floral design.

The garden also provides beautiful material for floral installations at events hosted at Oak and Monkey Puzzle. 


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